About me

Hello there!

As a long time entrepreneur (20+ years since I've had a "real" job!), I've had to learn a lot of stuff the hard way. It took years, and often came a quite the price...whether in time, money, or both.

Ya know what? I hate wasting time. And I hate wasting money. I bet you do, too.

That's why I've launched Bite Size Content Strategy, to teach everything you need to know to develop a crazy good content marketing strategy for your brand (or yourself, superstar!) quickly, easily and based on what works in the real world!

How do I know what works?

Since 2008, I've built Bikerumor.com into the world's largest cycling tech blog. I've seen a rapidly changing media landscape in which print was prioritized then virtually abandoned. Where banner ads worked, then didn't. And we've had be nimble and adapt constantly.

What's driving our growth, both in readership and revenue, is Content.

And the lessons I've learned as we developed our content strategy for Bikerumor are the exact same principles that let us develop wildly successful campaigns for some of the world's largest cycling brands!

tyler benedict founder of bikerumor

But can I teach?

Yes! I've spoken at events around the world, at Google's HQ's in London and San Francisco, at Pubtelligence, Outdoor Media Summit, DigiPublish and more. And I created and hosted Peak Content Summit.

My sessions and lessons are designed to deliver actionable tips and tactics that you can learn in minutes and employ immediately to create better, more effective content marketing.

And I bring in the experts, too

I don't know it all, but I know a lot of world-reknowned experts on everything from SEO to Analytics, marketing strategy to video creation. So you'll find lessons and tips from a library of awesome people, throughout my courses. I've also researched and learned most of this myself over the years, and...

I know how all of this applies to YOUR business.

Having launched numerous companies over the years, sold IP for multiple six-figure deals, and built brands from the ground up, I know the challenges you're facing. I understand the consumer marketing side, the media, and the business side of things. Every lesson offered here is designed to ensure they all work together and help you build a cohesive strategy and reach your goals.

And I can teach the content marketing lessons you need in a way that's practical and relevant to you. I've been there, done that, and I want you to learn it the easy way!

Let's get started